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Terms & Conditions


These supply - rules (hereinafter - the Rules) is binding document, which is charged to customers (hereinafter - the Buyer) and Seller (hereinafter - Dealer) between the powers, duties and responsibilities for shopping online shop www.lstudija. even


The contract between the Buyer and the Seller shall be considered concluded from the moment the buyer to form an online store shopping cart and click on "Submit".

In order for goods to pre-register (log in: email and password to the introduction of an online store) is not required.

Product it ordered, with the approval of the Seller of goods.

Prior to confirmation of the order, purchase the step "Order", the Purchaser shall refer to procurement rules and this is confirmed by noting the box "I agree with the procurement rules." The purchaser shall not be able to carry out the order if the buyer is not familiar with the rules and agreement.


The buyer has right to purchase goods online shop with these rules and in accordance with Seller.

The seller reserves the right without notice to suspend the buyer's ability to store the services in case the buyer is trying to undermine the e-shop work, stable functioning or otherwise violate the privacy of electronic stores.

The buyer's rights are being implemented under the 2001 17 August Order no. 258 approved Things sales and services, where contracts are concluded by means of communication rules. Order of the provisions of the Purchaser is only available if the product has been tampered with or has not really changed her appearance, and it was not used.

The buyer's rights are also implemented under the 2001 June 29, Order no. 217 "The return and exchange approval of the rules."

Seller reserves the right at any time, without notice to the Buyer, to terminate the services, change the e-shop or parts of it, all or any of its contents.

The seller has the right without prior notice to the Purchaser to cancel the order if the buyer in accordance with rules established methods of payment does not pay for the goods within 3 (three) working days from receipt of order.


The buyer must pay for the goods and receive them in accordance with these Rules.

In the event that the buyer of goods delivery refuse to accept the goods, the buyer must pay the seller for delivery costs incurred.

The buyer, ordering goods online store, agrees to these rules and comply with them.

Seller agrees to provide all conditions of the Purchaser due to the online shop for services.

The seller presents the buyer ordered goods to the buyer at the address within the agreed delivery date.

Seller, the buyer being able to deliver the goods ordered, the buyer must return your money within 72 hours.

The buyer is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your login information and not disclose them to third parties. The buyer is also committed to ensuring that no third parties will not access data services in and (or) goods from the seller's commission. All duties and responsibilities arising from or related to the actions of third parties by using the access data to the buyer, the buyer has.

The buyer, using the shop undertakes to respect and without prejudice to the steady state behavior and morality, not to infringe third party rights and legitimate interests and respect the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The buyer undertakes to comply with the electronic stores privacy policy.

Seller agrees to comply with the electronic stores privacy policy.

The buyer must submit a registration form, complete, comprehensive and correct information about themselves. If the buyer registration form is inaccurate, false or misleading information, the Seller shall be entitled to cancel the registration of the buyer, and delete data, or limit the buyer access to an electronic store.

The buyer, ordering goods, undertake the delivery location.

The buyer undertakes to accept the goods. Other persons who are not in, the goods will not be transferable.

The seller of the relevant facts can not deliver the ordered goods to the Purchaser undertakes to offer a similar or minimize their characters look more like a product. The buyer refuses to accept a similar resemblance of their characters, or goods, the seller agrees to refund the money paid by the buyer within 5 (five) working days if payment has already been done.

The fifth Payments for goods

Buyers the opportunity to pay for goods advances.

The buyer has the possibility of payment:

a) Bank transfer to account

b) During the on-line payment system Mokė "

c) make use of a credit card service PayPal

d) the WebMoney payment system

Product prices are in rubles, euros and dollars

The seller shall make the goods order only after the buyer pays for the goods.

Not later than 3 (three) working days from the purchase and sale contract is concluded, the buyer must pay the seller for the goods. Payment is considered made when the full amount due is received and taken into account Seller's bank account.

Goods are delivered to the buyer in 14 work days.

Goods produced by customized delivery period shall be informed individually.

The buyer is able to choose the delivery method:

a) the registered priority mail (JSC "Lithuanian Post)

b) the withdrawal Lstudijos office (Kaunakiemio g. 40)

Selecting AB Lithuania Post product is delivered to the customer's home. Found none, leave a message that you are waiting for your shipment servicing the post office. Do not forget to pick up the shipment of personal documents.

The buyer signing the consignment note is considered that the consignment has been delivered and are in good order.

Observes a violation of the consignment, the buyer must unselect the delivery note and draw free-form act of infringement of the lot. The buyer signing the bill of lading without comment, it is considered that the consignment is delivered in good order.

Seller is not responsible for delivery of goods at the time of the Lithuanian postal or other delivery services losses caused by the buyer ordered the goods.

Buyer agrees that in exceptional cases, delivery of goods may be delayed due to unforeseen, the Seller's control.

In cases where the buyer received the goods, notices that the content is not the content of the order, the Purchaser shall immediately inform the seller.

The seventh Returns

According to the Ministry of Economy Minister on return and exchange approval of the rules "(June 29, 2001. Nr.217 Vilnius), 18 - Cup metals and articles thereof other than imitation jewelery, toys, games, a non-replaceable and non-refundable.

Released only low quality goods with clearly visible manufacturer's defect.

Filling out a form for return the Buyer should contact the seller.

Seller agrees to pick up the faulty item and replace it with similar goods. In the case where the goods are not similar - Seller agrees to refund the money paid for the goods.

Returned item must be fully completed. For many items and packaging manning the Purchaser.

Items must be returned in the packaging in which it was delivered. Packaging must be intact, clean, properly prepared and packaged.


The buyer is fully responsible for the booking form to the correctness of the data. If the buyer fails the registration form of accurate data, the Seller shall not be liable for the resulting consequences.

The buyer is responsible for the actions performed by using online store.

Exempt the seller from any liability in cases where the loss arises from the fact that the buyer, regardless of the Seller's recommendations and their responsibilities, familiar with these rules, although such a possibility was given.

In the event of injury, the guilty party shall indemnify the other party for direct losses.

Seller is not responsible for the websites of other companies with the information, even if the buyer falls into these sites during in other Web pages.

Online shop for pictures are illustrative and may vary their appearance or equipment.

9. Contact

All messages are sent to the buyer on the registration form by e-mail address.

The buyer sends messages and questions to the seller by e-mail


Goods are delivered throughout the world.


The following rules shall apply to the Europen Law.

The seller is left to the right at any time to modify, amend or otherwise supplement these Rules.

All disputes arising from the enforcement of these rules shall be settled by negotiation. Failing agreement, the conflict is resolved the Republic of Lithuania according to the laws.