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Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting - technology for cutting sheet materials, which is based on an adjustable laser beam.

Variable-power focused laser beam - perfect for cutting tool materials, ensuring high quality of the various component materials. Laser cutting is nepakaičiamas production patterns - which requires a sharp internal angles, which are not available routers.

After laser cutting MDF, HDF, plywood and other wood products cut or produced in black dark brown in color. Cut organic glass is clear cut.

Laser cutting has the advantages of alternative ways:


  •      High cutting speeds
  •      The minimum heat-affected zone
  •      High accuracy
  •      No mechanical working material
  •      The laser head is 0.03 mm accuracy, thanks to achieve high accuracy of the manufactured product
  •      Cross section is equal and does not require additional processing
  •      Easy to cut complex parts

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